The Colorful Celebration


March 23, 2024



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The festival of Holi was close and this was the first time that Zainab was away from her family during the time of Holi. She was working in a MNC and was enjoying the freedom that she had. Not wearing burqa when she didn't feel like it and nobody would force her or taunt her like her family used to.

There was a party organised by the company and all were invited. She always wanted to enjoy. She got ready and came to the location early. Only few of her colleagues were there and one of them was Hardik. He always used to flirt with her but helped her alot along with that. He was a tall guy with wheatish complexion. He went to her and asked if she ever played Holi before and she told him that her Muslim family was against it and didn't allow her to play but always wanted to. He then got some oil and told her that she will need to apply it all over her so that colours can be washed off quickly later.

Suddenly she gets a mail from her boss to mail few of the important documents to a client and she agreed for that and asked Hardik to help her. Both of them went to the floor of their dept and she started to work and Hardik sat behind her, guiding her while playing with her hair and started to put some oil on her silky hair and face gently as she completed her work and she started to enjoy the attention of his hard hands on her soft skin and silky hair too. He puts some oil intentionally on her neck and it drips down to her cleavage and he grabs the opportunity and starts to slowly feel and massage her and she starts to moan a bit and quickly completes her task and tells him to double check while she was enjoying how he was squeezing her boobs and his handprints were on her dress cause of oil now. She was getting more and more turned on each second and her phone vibrates and falls down, she gets under the table as Hardik enjoys the sexy ass of Zainab and slides forward, Zainab talks to her father on call and tells him that she is just doing some office work and notices Hardik's bulge.

She thinks for a second and the way her body reacted to his touches made it irresistible for her to not try this and she tells him to check it properly and starts to tease his bulge and pulls chair closer to reveal his long, hard, veiny cock.

He enjoyed the way she was holding his cock and the expressions on her face was like she got a jackpot. She starts to lick it while the boss enters the cabin. Hardik sees him as gate was opposite to the desk with some distance and greets him and lies about Zainab being in washroom and during the conversation, Zainab teases and licks and strokes his cock from below the table. The boss leaves soon and tells him to come to play and then Hardik facefucks Zainab hard and she struggles but doesn't give up and soon get a call from friends to get down and not work else they will come up so both decide to go down and play with them.

While playing , there was a lot of sexual tease between both. Zainab holding Hardik's cock from above the clothes sometimes and Hardik rubbing his cock over her ass and squeezing her tits or brushing against them by mistake and both get drenched in water while playing.

She goes to talk to her boss and tells that she is going while looking at him and boss tells her to ask him for a ride back home. She does the same and both to the first floor while talking and get into the car and the whole floor was empty. Once they get near the car, Hardik pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply and she did same for few seconds and broke the kiss asking him to get in car.

Both get on the backseat and she starts by playing with his long , hard 'pichkari' (cock) exactly the way she was doing earlier and he soon strips all her clothes. He teases her cunt and tongue fucks her for a while on backseat while she moans and then starts to use her sexy cunt. They enjoy and create mess in the car. After a while, she gets on top and squirts for the very first time in her life while riding him.

We can improvise and add or change few things as per your kinks , that's up to discussion.

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