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The Colorful Celebration

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She thinks for a second and the way her body reacted to his touches made it irresistible for her to not try this and she tells him to check it properly and starts to tease his bulge and pulls chair closer to reveal his long, hard, veiny cock. He enjoyed the way she was holding his cock and the expressions on her face was like she got a jackpot. She starts to lick it while the boss enters the cabin. Hardik sees him as gate was opposite to the desk with some distance and greets him and lies about Zainab being in washroom and during the conversation, Zainab teases and licks and strokes his cock from below the table.

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The Old Spark And New Fire


She comes to meet the extended family members with one of her friends with a clear plan on mind to meet Pratik later as this is usually where in stayed even he was in the city at night. She meets her family members and tells her friend to just make sure if Pratik was in his flat. She tells her that he is there. At the time they get into the lift, her friend gets off and leaves but she stays and then gets to the floor on which Pratik stayed and makes some excuse and tells her to just tell that she has gone to office to get some urgent work done if her family calls.

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