The Old Spark And New Fire


January 27, 2024



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There's a college Alumni meet of a particular batch. Sania Ansari was in the same city, doing her corporate job but she was recently engaged and she was going to be married soon within next few months which was an arranged marriage cause of her strict parents. She was pretty popular in college during her college days and had a bf and never broke up with him during the college time but had a classmate with whom she flirted and spent some time but this was never known to any of the others. All this was a secret. They had intimate moments with each other but never went all the way.

The guy, Pratik Malhotra was rich and had his dad's company to manage. Wasn't much active on social media and stuff so she had lost track of him and she never knew about him being son of such a big businessman but she had his number. He mostly stayed calm but sometimes he used to get really ags & dom. She casually texts few days prior to the alumni meet to see if he would be there. She wasn't having any plan but there was a feeling of something that was missed.

They would meet for sometime during the meet and Pratik would take her away from the group and just have a chat alone. Once they chat, it turns out that her fiance is working in under his management in a way. She feels like a missed opportunity after hearing this. She anyway invited him to wedding and to days go by normally.

The wedding was few weeks away now and at this point she starts talking more with Pratik, inviting him and reminding him that he has to come for all the rituals and stuff. He was getting a hint that something had changed and perhaps he would get that chance too but never actually cared much about her.

Now as just few days were remaining, her family members started to come and the house would get crowded and she tells that to Pratik who tells that he could give two of her 3 BHKs for them to stay for a week and she thanked him and knew whatever she was trying was going as she wanted.

She comes to meet the extended family members with one of her friends with a clear plan on mind to meet Pratik later as this is usually where in stayed even he was in the city at night. She meets her family members and tells her friend to just make sure if Pratik was in his flat. She tells her that he is there. At the time they get into the lift, her friend gets off and leaves but she stays and then gets to the floor on which Pratik stayed and makes some excuse and tells her to just tell that she has gone to office to get some urgent work done if her family calls. There she tries to seduce Pratik and tells him that she always wanted him but due to family pressure and stuff, she never told that but she doesn't want to marry her fiance.

Pratik directly asked her if she is willing to go all the way with him and it was a shock for her ass she never thought that he would be this direct but agreed for that anyway.

They both have the night of their life as they enjoy each other's bodies and fulfilling their desires as her extended family was just on the floor beneath. They both left early in the morning in the car and Pratik drops her to her office location after some aftercare as she thinks that she has some control over him.

She gets back to her home and messaged Pratik if he could try to get her away from all this situation soon and that he was really good and they should have been doing it for years. Pratik doesn't respond for a while but when he does, he tells that he was in a flight last night to another city. She thinks that he is joking and later calls him in the afternoon. He keeps telling that he wasn't there and she gets confused and tells him to meet at night at her office and stop playing around.

At night when they meet, she gets a link from an unknown number which redirects to video of her with the guy's face blurred. Which was send to her family group too and then she received another message from the same number. Ask Pratik about Raj.

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