The Ultimate Secret

Deepali Singh

February 18, 2024

Incest, Age Gap


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Disclaimer: The following plot is related to taboo involving blood relation and those who do not want to ready such stories please do not read further.

"Hello baby, how are you doing? Have you had your dinner yet?" - Chandrima asked over phone

"Yes mom, I had my dinner. Now I'm just finishing my homework for tomorrow's class." - Rahul said

"Ok baby, but do not stay awake for long. Sleep soon, ok?"

"Sure mom, Only another half an hour. After that I will sleep. Promise."

"Baby, I have something to tell you" - Chandrima said after a pause.

"What, mom?"

There was a bit more pause over the phone line. Then Chandrima said slowly - "You are going to become a big brother soon. It is a bit of a surprise for me, but I have conceived and will become mother of another baby in a few months."

There was a bit of silence again. Finally Rahul said "That's great news mommy. I am so happy. We will celebrate once I get home after my exam."

After a few more exchanges, Chandrima kept the phone and got back to the bed where her husband Ranjan was sleeping. She switched off the bedlight as she laid herself down on the bed.

Chandrima Chatterjee was 42 years old and was married to Ranjan Chatterjee, a professor of Mathematics, who was 48 years old. Chandrima was well educated herself and used to teach in high school but had later left her job to take care of the household and was a housewife now. Their son Rahul was 18 years old and was recently admitted to an Engineering college and was staying at a hostel.

As Chandrima closed her eyes, she couldn't help but wonder about the miracle by which she had conceived again. Her husband was almost impotent and even though he tries to have sex with her sometimes, he can hardly stay hard to be able to penetrate her and most of the times he can only get semi-erect before ejaculating with very less amount of semen on her labia itself, or sometimes on her body. This has continued for almost 7-8 years now, because of which she does not bother to use any contraceptive or any anti-pregnancy pills.

But still the miracle has happened. She has become pregnant. It was a surprise, but she knew that some minute quantity of her husband's semen may have seeped somehow into her cavity and had made her pregnant.

She was happy though. She has not been this happy for several years. Her sexual life has been a mess for many years. But now that she was about to give birth to a baby again, she again felt fulfilled as a woman.

Rahul kept the phone down and watched blankly at the ceiling. There has not been a single day over the past 3 months when he has been able to not think of that fateful night, but still he was not ready for the shock he got today.

3 month prior to this day, his high school exams had just ended and he was watching TV at home. It was past 11 PM at night. His father was out of town for a conference and was supposed to return the next day while his mother was out attending the anniversary party of a friend of hers.

The clock was showing 11:15 PM when the doorbell rang. When Rahul answered the door he found his mother had come back, but in an inebriated state. A lady and her husband had brought back Chandrima since she had consumed too much alcohol and was not in a state to return by herself.

The couple soon left and Rahul had to support his mom to get to her bedroom. She was in a semi-conscious state and was hardly able to walk.

"Mom, please change your dress and then sleep." Rahul got a nightie out of Chandrima's wardrobe and kept it on the bed beside which Chandrima was sitting with drowsy eyes.

" are sooo sweettt baa...byyy"....Somehow Chandrima blabbered with her eyes half closed, as she somehow picked up the dress to change into.

Rahul had then walked out of the room to let his mom change her dress and closed the door behind him.

He had watched TV for around half an hour more before deciding to retire to his bedroom to sleep. As he walked past his mom's room he was surprised to see the light still on in her room. He thought he would check on his mom and pushed the door open.

But then what he saw made him freeze right there.

Chandrima was lying on the bed, completely nude, with the dress she had stripped off lying beside her. Obviously, she could only half complete the act of changing her dress before she dozed off. Also she could not even switch off the light.

Rahul wanted to turn back and get out of the room immediately, but somehow he could not stop looking at his nude mother who was snoring on the bed. He had never seen the body of a naked female before that day in his young life and his own mother's voluptuous body mesmerized him.

He had an immense hardon immediately which he could not control. He had walked forward to his sleeping mother, as if in a trance.

He took a chance and called out tentatively - "Mom!". There was no response.

He then extended his hand and pushed Chandrima's arm - "Mom!".....Chandrima did not respond and kept snoring. She was completely passed out.

What had happened in the next 30 minutes had continued to haunt Rahul for the last 3 months. He had lost control of himself, and touched his mother in ways no son ever should. Finally he found himself in a state of utter helplessness from the extreme arousal he was in, and got carried away to actually take his young cock out and push it inside the vagina of his unconscious mother. He only lasted a few seconds inside her as he exploded almost immediately to flood Chandrima's pussy with his semen.

He got mortified after realizing what he had done and had run out of the room, but the irreversible damage was already done which Chandrima did not even get to know as she slept soundly till almost next afternoon, by when the semen had dried off inside her.

"Oh, what have I done!"....Rahul closed his eyes and exclaimed to himself as only he knew the secret of his mother's pregnancy.

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