The Unwary Lust

Wicked Witch

February 23, 2024



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“Hello Sagarika..well tonight I will be little late. Don’t wait for me at the dinner. I have an urgent meeting with a client. I am so sorry dear but I couldn’t avoid it” Tridip explained in a rush standing beside the busy road.

“okay but don’t be too late okay. I will be waiting for you. I need you here tridip. “ sagarika responded with disappointed tone.

“I understand I should be there. Its been just 3 days of our marriage and I am such a careless husband. Please manage this time and also tell me my mom not to worry about. I will be within 11PM”

“alright take care and drive slow bye.”

Tridip cut the call and kept looking at the phones wallpaper which was a wedding pic of Tridip and Sagarika. They just got married 2 days ago. Sagarika was a pure Bengali beauty. Having a wife like her was always tridip’s dream. Who else doesn’t want a beautiful wife? He really should be there in his bedroom with his newly married wife making out but instead he was going somewhere. Something important he had to attend. What is that something that is more important than his beautiful wife?

he rode his royal enfield and drove towards the eastern area of the town. He was going to Mohini’s place. Mohini is a beautician. She is famous in the town for her beauty treatment. She is as beautiful and alluring as her name speaks. “Mohini” that means attraction. She was almost 5’11’ with a thick curvy physique. Nobody can avoid her alluring glamour. Tridip was not an exceptional in this case. He still remembered that night, when she met with Mohini for the first time.

2 Days ago

It was their reception. Sagarika and Tridip both was sitting on a royal looking wedding chair. All the guests were congratulating them for their new journey. They looked so happy.

“congratulation to both of you. Wish you a happy and wild married life” Mohini gave them a big flower bouquet full of red roses.

She kissed on Sagarika’s hand in front of Tridip “oh hun you look absolutely gorgeous.”

“thank you mam, Tridip she is Mohini Gupta. She did all my make up for todays event and also for the wedding night” Sagarika smiled as she looked at Tridip,

Tridip shook his hand with Mohini. He was enchanted with Mohini’s appearance. He couldn’t take his eyes away but managed somehow. He didn’t want to be caught red handed by his newly married wife, stalking another woman.

“hey handsome keep this beauty happy okay, or I will scold you “ Mohini smirked looking at Sagarika. They both laughed. Tridip felt bit embarrassed but he managed to speak “don’t worry I will”

Mohini left the area giving a mysterious alluring look at Tridip. Tridip was purely spellbound by her sudden alluring allusion. He couldn’t think anything but only about Mohini. He kept looking for her all the time , just to have a glimpse of her but she was nowhere.

Almost after two hours Tridip was heading towards the gents rest room. He pushed the door of the rest room and got inside. As soon he was in he suddenly felt a strong push that baffled him, before he could do something he found himself against the wall and it was Mohini who pushed him against it.

Mohini grabbed his right hand and pinned it against the wall. Her big tits were pressing hard against his firm chest. In a second tridip’s breathing got so heavy. He couldn’t speak for few seconds and kept looking at mohini’s face which was an inch away from his lips. He could feel the strong womanly aroma intoxicating his mind and body.

Mohini kept her right hand index finger on his lips “ Shhhhh!! Calm down my lion. Tonight you have to be calm, don’t be desperate” she smirked in a naughty way and added more --

“so tell me whom you were looking for sitting next to your wife?” She looked deep into his eyes.

Tridip was kinda shocked hearing her question. He was actually looking for Mohini all the time.

“I know you were looking for me. Isn’t it? Why handsome? You want to say something?” she asked while she kept holding his right hand against the wall.

Tridip was speechless. He didn’t have any idea to be in such situation on his reception day. its been only one day of their marriage and he was pinned by another woman in the gents bathroom. His carrier, his family will abandon him if it spread out of those walls.

He took few seconds to catch his raging breath. He was so nervous didn’t expected that mohini had her eyes all the time. He felt embarrassed being caught red handed stalking another woman on his reception.

“mmm.. i… I am sorry..please let me go..or they will look for me any moment..” tridip managed to utter few broken words. But he was stunned what mohini did next.

Mohini guided her right hand down on his crotch and cupped his member over his pant. She found it was semi hard “awww someone is excited.. don’t you think its wrong to be aroused for another woman on your reception.” Mohini spoke in a lusty tone while she kept squeezing his semi hard member very tightly, she could feel it growing and getting hard inside her grip. She didn’t look away from his eyes all the time.

Tridip tried push her hand but mohini knew what she was doing. She knew where to press to make a man weak on his nerves. She squeezed his shift very tightly making tridip gasps near her mouth.

Mohini quickly licked his lips with her hot wet tongue without giving him any chance to escape from the illusion of lust.

“why are you doing this to me? What do you want?” Tridip asked looking at her playful eyes. He was no longer resisting mohini. Mohini kept squeezing his hardness letting it grow to its full length inside his pant.

Mohini smiled hearing his question “ I want you handsome. From the time I saw you, I decided I will get you anyhow, no matter what I have to do for it.” She answered as she licked his chin placing her long wet tongue.

“it can’t be I am married now. I can’t cheat on her.” Tridip tried to go away but mohini held his other hand and before he could react she planted her hot luscious lips on tridip and slid her wet tongue all the way inside his warm mouth. She suckled on his upper lip so deeply that tridip gasped inside her mouth once again. She held tridip’s hairs very tight with one hand and by another she kept caressing and squeezing his hard member. Tridip couldn’t resist the passionate kiss that really made him crazy with lust. They kissed for next few couple of seconds and then Mohini moved back looking deep into his eyes.

Her playful lusty eyes was locked on Tridip. They didn’t talk for next few moments as they exchanged lots of unspoken words between their eyes. Mohini knew she had planted the seed very well. Now it’s the time to wait and let the seed of lust grown into his innocent mind.

she licked her own finger in a lewd way “oh god you taste so delicious, I wonder how does your meat tastes like” she licked her upper lip. She moved back and took her handbag that was kept aside. She took out her visiting card and handed him. “ call me in this number when you are ready to make me taste your juice darling. I envy on your beautiful wife. She will have all the fun tonight. Make sure you fuck her deep and long” she smirked again..and moved towards the restroom door.

She whispered “ I will wait for your call. If you are shy then you know where to meet me..” she licked her lip again showing it to tridip and left the restroom.

Present day

Tridip arrived at the address that was printed on the visiting card. It was a big private house. There was a beauty parlor in the front side of the house. Though it was closed. Tridip was still confused if he really should do this or not. But his innocent vulnerable mind was already trapped in the enticement that mohini planted. He dialed the number provided on the visiting card.

“Hello mohini. Its me tridip. Mmm… I am in front of your store..” tridip said in a low trembling tone. He was literally trembling in excitement and fear.

“oh my my.. I didn’t expect you to come so quick..alright come in, my gatekeeper wont stop you, I am in the first floor come quick boy. “ she gave a kiss on the phone and cut the call.

Tridip looked at the big house. No doubt mohini was financially strong. she was famous in the town. People would get in queue to get her beauty treatments. Tridip was sweating, he was nervous. He didn’t want to cheat on his wife but the temptation of Mohini was too much too resist for a young vulnerable mind like tridip’s. He could not help but falling for her gorgeous lustiness. He thought he would try it once and then cut off all the connection with her. Generally he didn’t have such courage to take such step but Mohini really got his mind. She was like an witch who planted the seed of desire in her subconscious mind.

he walked inside. The gatekeeper showed his general courtesy wishing him Good evening. He looked at Tridip with a calm but weird smile, but didn’t say anything.

Tridip went inside the house. It was lavish, with expensive interior materials. He saw the stairs and moved there without thinking for second time he walked through the stairs. There was multiple rooms. He saw a door was opened and lights coming out of it. He headed towards the door. His blood was rushing fast through his veins. He could feel his heartbeat. He was nervous, scared before doing a forbidden act that he shouldn’t do on the 3rd day of his marriage.

He pushed the door and walked inside. He was freezed there seeing Mohini sitting in front of the mirror. Last time he saw mohini, she was wearing a yellow saree. She looked absolutely gorgeous but that day she was wearing night gown that was hardly covering her buttocks. He could see her thick smooth thighs craving for attention. Mohini looked at tridip through the mirror while she put the lipstick back in the drawyer of her dressing table.

“don’t worry no one gonna bother us here. Only me and you. No need to worry. Stalk me as much as you want boy “ she smiled and before she stood up and looked at tridip In the mirror once again.

she turned towards tridip. She was wearing a short satin red colored night robe. Her cleavage was clearly visible. She was truly a diva with her curvy figure. Tridip couldn’t keep his eyes away from her smooth milky skin that was uncovered by her robe. She walked towards tridip like a wolf walks towards her prey silently.

“am I hotter than your wife tridip?” she asked but without waiting for his response she poured wine on two glass that was kept on a table aside. She offered him a glass “you know I thought you won’t come here. No doubt sagarika is such a got woman. I did her make up. Even being a woman I feel lust on her”

she sipped a bit from her glass and smirked in a wicked way “ come on take a sip don’t be a dumb. And take off your dress. I don’t allow you to wear any dress while you are in my house okay?” she said in a strict tone looking at his eyes.

Tridip felt a strange sensation ran through his whole body. He felt his cock reacted on her command. Mohini’s words were somehow impacting his mind. He took the glass and gulped the whole in one go. He already prepared his mind to do anything to spend a night with this gorgeous woman. He didn’t wasn’t to miss that tempting chance. Though Sagarika was beautiful charming but Mohini was something special. There was a strange aura that keep him enchanted towards her. May be its her temptation, her eyes were mystical, looks like they always speak something, desire something. Tridip can’t overcome the temptation each time he looks into her alluring eyes.

He unbuttoned his shirt and got topless within a second. He didn’t stop and unbuckled his belt. Very soon he was only in his undies with a little bulge. Mohini chuckled as she looked at his bulge that seemed to be growing with each passing moment.

Mohini took a big sip from her glass and walked close to Tridip. She kissed him on his lips, shared the wine in his mouth, and planted a lite bite on his lower lip.

“you know what I want?” she whispered looking at his eyes. She grabbed his bulge again , and stroked his hardness over his undies.

“I want this for me. I want it to be always hard and ready for me. I like it when a young boy like you get hard for me. It gives me immense pleasure. Makes my body craving.” She whispered.

tridip stood there still not even moving an inch. He was completely being controlled by the seduction of that matured lady. He had some fetish on mature ladies back in his college days but it was all for his fantasy and fun. He never thought he would be experiencing this taboo feelings.

Mohini sat on the floor bending her knees, she deliberately pulled her robe’s lower part exposing her smooth sexy thick thighs. She looked up at tridip before pulling her undies down till his ankle. His fat member popped out like a spring hitting his own belly.

“oh my goodness. You got quite a beautiful cock hun. I truly envy on your wife. Did you fuck her good last night? Did you make her moan loud?” Mohini asked in a lusty playful.

Her questions, her words were making Tridip very excited and strangely weak. He didn’t say a word and kept looking down at Mohini.

Mohini placed her right hand palm on his b@lls as she caressed them leaving his cock untouched. He squeezed his balls slow and tight “ mmm you smell so good my boy, I am gonna do a lot of things with you. You seem to be perfect to be my toy.” She announced with a sexy tone.

tridip was amazed hearing this. He was not expecting this. “ toy? What do you mean by it ?”

she giggled while she stood up and held his hard cock with her left hand, she squeezed that hard member and guided him on her bed. She pushed him on the bed, and sat on the edge of the bed. She leant down on his cock and without saying anything she pulled the foreskin down and sucked the head of his hard pen!s. she sucked it very deep making a loud sound. Tridip moaned but it was a suppressed moan.

“you don’t need to suppress your moan hun. Nobody will hear you.” Mohini added while she continued sucking his c0ck head very deeply while her other hand was caressing his balls. Pumping them slowly. The pleasure was too much for Tridip to handle. He was virgin before his marriage. No one ever sucked him like that not even his wife. They had sex yesterday. It was their first ever sex. It wasn’t that bad.

“a toy whom I can control, don’t you like to be controlled? I know you do. I could sense that from our first meet. You will be my pet from now on. “ Mohini told looking at Tridip’s eyes which were half closed. She could see how much pleasure the boy was having. She stroked his c0ck few times with her other hand on his b@lls. To her surprise tridip suddenly groaned in pleasure and his stiff pen!s started to spout dense warm semen all over the bed. Few drops fell on Mohini’s hairs and face. She tasted it taking it in her finger tips. “oh hun I didn’t expect you to be so quick but whatever.. I am not leaving you yet. Did you enjoy this? “ she asked .

Tridip nodded his head “yes I did. I never felt so much good before. You are amazing such a seductress..!” tridip was still panting from his ejaculation but he managed to speak. The joy in his face after ejaculation said it all.

“haha well don’t judge me so early darling. “ She got off the bed “now let me show you a secret that you should know” she gave a curvy smile as she moved a little back and dropped her robe on the floor. Her tits were naked. They were no doubt very big and in perfect shape, but what caught Tridip’s attention was her crotch area. It shook his soul. He saw a huge bulge in her pantie. She was wearing a red pantie that was struggling to hold that big bulge inside. He was shocked and moved back on the bed.

“NOOO! It cant be! Its not real! Mohini.. what are you! Why did you do this to me!” he almost screamed.

Mohini didn’t even try to explain and turned her back towards Tridip. She could look at tridip through the mirror. She pulled down her pantie and bent her upper body pushing her big round shaped ass to give a clear view for Tridip.

“look at me Tridip. Look here . I want you to fuck me in my ass. Fuck me hard and make me moan like your slut.” She giggled while she looked at him through the mirror. She could see how Tridip was still looking at her beautiful ass. She stretched her a$$ cheeks showing him her anus that was squeezing itself. Her 8 inch fat member was hanging down between her thick thighs. The tip of her c0ck was releasing so much of sticky precum. She stroked her own pen1s and then turned her face towards Tridip.

“am I not beautiful? Don’t you wanna serve me with your c0ck? Believe me I will give you so much pleasure that your wife even can’t give you”

“you are insane, I can’t do that its over. “ Tridip put his undies back and grabbed his dress. He wore it asap. He was blaming his own mind to get into this awful situation.

Mohini realized that Tridip was not ready yet. she smiled again hearing Tridip and poured more wine. Tridip was awestruck realizing that mohini was not a woman but a shemale. He did not say anything else and left the house immediately.

After he left mohini took her phone and opened gallery , she opened a image of Sagarika and smiled. She rubbed her fingers on the mobile screen over her lips. She stroked her cock and whispered “very soon you will be mine darling”

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