The Wrong Turn

Deepali Singh

November 5, 2022



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Garima Roy Chowdhury was an independent woman who was a doctor by profession. She was 42 years old, divorced and still gorgeous enough for every man to cast a second glance at her. She had been divorced from her husband for the last 5 years. She had however taken custody of her son Rohan who was now 18 years old, and used to live with her in their double storeyed building on the outskirts of the city. Garima had deliberately chosen that location for her house as she never liked the crowd of the busy city.

Rohan has just had his results out today. He passed out of high school with good grades and has also cracked the medical competitive exam. So he was on his way to get admitted to medical college himself which had always been Garima's dream. Rohan was now a fully grown young man who was 6 feet tall and had an athletic build. He loved and respected his mother and was happy to have stayed with her rather than with his father. But as he had progressed into his youth he had developed a natural affinity towards his opposite gender, though he used to be extremely choosy to let any girl into his life. He had a pretty big and thick sex organ for a boy of his age, and there were times when he had to take care of his own urges by himself. Since he spent most of his time at home with only his mother around him, he could not help but glance at her ripe body sometimes by natural law of nature but he had always tried to limit any untowardly sinful thoughts in his mind.

It was one evening where Garima and Rohan had gone together to visit a relative's son's birthday party in a different city. Generally both of them hardly have time to attend such parties, but since Rohan's exams had just finished while Garima had also taken a break they could attend today's party. It was past 11 pm at night when they finally left the party and started back for their home. It would be a 3 hours drive back home for them but since the next day was Sunday they did not worry about it. Garima drove the car back with her son seated beside her.

But the ride back at night was not as smooth. As she kept driving while chatting with her son she took a wrong turn and ended up driving down a desolate and unknown road. Even the GPS signal was not working and so they just kept on driving for some time on that road hoping that it would soon hit a proper highway.

But it was not to be. After some time Garima found that she was going in circles on the road. And to make it worse the car had a tyre puncture at that hour of the night, and they had to come to a halt. Neither Garima nor her son were adept at changing a car tyre and so they had no option but to remain stranded on the road at that hour of the night.

Luckily after some time they saw the lights of a car coming their way. They were relieved to finally have some help to get out of the situation they were in. The car approached towards them and stopped just next to them. There was an old man in his 60s along with his wife in the car. They enquired about the condition and offered to take Garima and Rahul to their house which was some way down the open field. They said that the car can be looked into in the morning, but it was not safe for them to remain stranded like that at this place in the dead of the night.

Garima reluctantly agreed and accompanied the old couple in their car to their house which was located a bit far away from the road in the woods. She did enquire to them as to why they lived in such a desolate place and got to know that they owned a large stretch of land here and did farming for livelihood. Once they reached the old couple's single storeyed house the old man asked them to feel at home and her wife offered them some coffee, which they accepted to have.

It was Garima who first woke up. She was not sure what had happened but could not remember anything since when she had the coffee. It was all dark around her, but she soon found that there was someone beside her. She realized that it was her son who was still unconscious. To her horror she found that they were confined within a steel cage. She also realized that she had been stripped before being put into the cage with only her bra and pantie on her body. Her son who had now started to move beside her was also wearing just his underwear. She realized that their coffee must have been spiked which had made them unconscious.

After some time the room suddenly lit up. The old man and her wife opened the door and entered the room with a plate of food in their hand. By that time Rohan had also woken up. Garima screamed at them and asked as to what was the meaning of all this and what did they want. But the aged couple did not pay any attention to them and walked past their cage to the back of the room.

Garima turned around and found that there was another cage in the room, with a young man and woman in it. They were completely nude. The old couple went and stood in front of that cage.The old woman waved the plate of food in front of that cage and made some strange signal to the prisoners. As she did so the nude woman in the cage lay down stretching her legs on both sides while the man bent down and inserted his p*nis inside her. Soon the man started to thrust inside her with more and more force and the woman started moaning and twitching her body inside the cage.

As the carnal act ensued in the cage, the old man outside the cage turned towards his wife and the two of them kissed each other passionately looking from time to time as to what was going on inside the cage. After a bit of time the wife got down on her knees as the old man pulled down his pants. The wife took the old man's semi flaccid cock in her mouth and started to suck it as the man groaned and finally cummed in his wife's mouth at almost the same time as the couple inside the cage climaxed. After they were done the old couple passed the plate of food inside the cage.

Garima and Rohan looked at each other with utter horror in their eyes. They realized that they have been imprisoned by an extremely perverted couple. How long have the other couple been imprisoned? The scene which they had just witnessed terrified Garima and she dreaded for their own fate now.

Rohan was also stunned seeing what just happened. He was mortified to be in this state with his own mother. But at the same time being in this state, in this close physical proximity to his half-naked mother and watching what just happened in front of his eyes, the hormones were involuntarily having an effect on his young mind and body and he developed a prominent bulge inside his underwear.

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