When Life Gives A Thick Chick


December 11, 2022

Roleplay Prompt


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I am pursuing a CA course in Chennai. I am 23, fair, 5.9 in height. This story is about my ex-girlfriend, Radhika (name changed).

I got to know her from my friend at my college. She’s 22, fair, 5.7 in height, chubby, gigantic, and fluffy boobs, sharp nipples. Every guy in college wanted to bang her for her body.

Radhika is an eye candy for boys. Initially, I didn’t have any thoughts about her, and we were just friends. Days passed by, we got close. We started going out very often. She started to seduce me like anything. It was impossible not to get a boner whenever I go out with her.

One fine evening, we went out for dinner. We were just talking and I was cracking jokes. Suddenly, she placed her hand on my inner thighs, i.e. near my penis!

I couldn’t control my boner. Unfortunately, I was in commando mode that way. (FYI, I didn’t wear any inner-wear.) I was embarrassed.

But she saw my boner, and she bit her lips and looked like she wanted to touch it so badly! I could sense that from her eyes. God, she was so hot.

Radhika was wearing a tight shirt, it looked like the buttons of the shirt could pop out anytime. The college girl’s huge boobs are the first thing I can see whenever she comes near me.

I had a secret wish for a long time that I want to grope those boobs and suck her soft nipples very hard. She was just 21, but she had boobs like a MILF, which was surprising to me.

I was a virgin so didn’t know how to approach her, but she isn’t. Since I was studying in Chennai, I had rented a 1 BHK house. I was staying alone.

Radhika was only a friend to me till that time. After hanging out frequently, I was skeptical whether she had any interest in me. She was giving me hints but didn’t act upon it. Things were going like this for a long time.

Since I was staying alone, I invited her home once (not with any dirty intention). She accepted the offer and came home. Even when we were friends, I used to kiss her on the cheeks. That was normal between us.

We were in bed just simply talking. Suddenly, I could sense heat between us. We started kissing each other on our cheeks. Then, at one point, she tried to kiss me on my lips. But I turned my face and showed my cheeks.

I know what you guys are thinking. The stupid fellow missed the chance, right? But we were friends, I was in a dilemma. So I had to make sure that it doesn’t affect our friendship.

After my sexy college friend went home, she texted me that she had an interest in me. She said she liked me. I conveyed to her that even though I liked her, but I didn’t want to rush into anything. I told her to take things slow and we agreed to do that.

One day, I was having an awful stomach-ache, so I called her up and told her to get tablets for me as it was getting worse. She hurried up and bought tablets for me and came to the house.

I had the tablets and got a little better. We were sitting in my bedroom and talking. Suddenly, there was silence in the room. I looked at her face. She was looking at me like she was going to pounce on me as a lion pounces on a deer. She was waiting for me to make the move.

I made her lie down on the bed. She was breathing deeply and thinking about what was I going to do next. I kissed her on her lips. She had the best lips. It was so soft and looked like plums.

The moment I kissed her, she kissed me back very hard. She was literally eating me like anything. Things got intense really fast.

The kiss was a very long one. By the time the kiss was finished, I made a gasping sound. It was deep. As I kissed, I was having my hands on her hips. I was pressing it hard. She was moaning but in a silent way.

I didn’t hold back. It was my first kiss and it was beautiful. My heart was pounding fast.

I started kissing her neck, lips, and forehead. We started kissing each other aggressively. And then Radhika got up from the bed and put me down and said, “I was waiting for this a long time.”

Radhika was on top of me and kissing me. She was wearing a t-shirt and a skirt. I removed her black tees and her gigantic boobs came out.

I placed my hand over her right boob. I had never touched a boob in my life. It was so soft and spongy. She wore a skin colour bra. It was so tight. I tried to unhook the bra.

Since it was my first time, I had a tough time unhooking it but finally did it and her boobs popped out. The moment I was waiting for a long time had finally come, and I was on cloud nine. Imagine the first time you ever saw boobs!

I couldn’t control my urge. She bent down and the boobies were on my face. I started sucking it hard and played with it.

Radhika was still on top of me. The feel of her boobs on my face. It was heaven. I hugged her tightly and started kissing her boobs. Her nipples were so hard that they could cut like glass. I sucked on it. I played with it, using my fingers. She was moving up and down making her boobs move on my face. It was seducing. I started kissing her whole body.

Every girl has a weak point. One particular place for all girls is a very sensitive spot. For some, it’ll be ears or neck. But her spot is the stomach.

When I touched her stomach, she was so sensitive, and she wasn’t able to tolerate it. So I started licking her stomach gently. She’s shouting, “Ugh.. ugh..ugh. Oh, baby..yes. Oh, baby.. yes.”

After spending some 2 hours in foreplay with her boobs and stomach, finally I came down. Her panties were still on and it was wet. Radhika was dripping like hell. She kept on insisting that I shouldn’t remove her panties as she didn’t shave them. But I couldn’t control my urge. I convinced her it was fine and removed it.

My hot college friend had a thick bush inside her thighs. I touched it and patted it down like a puppy. It was dense and thick. I inserted my finger in her pussy and started rubbing it hard. She was moaning in pleasure.

I was using two fingers only because her pussy was tight. I started massaging it and after some time I hit her G-spot using my fingers. It fluffed up like a balloon. I was fingering her for like 10 minutes. Simultaneously, I was tapping her boobs. I pressed it hard like really hard. She moaned loudly.

After that, I took my finger out and started tasting her sweet pussy. She couldn’t control it. She pushed me as it was too sensitive for her.

After some time, I started to eat her out intensively. She was screaming to cum hard and hugged me tightly, while I started fingering her with force.

Her eyes rolled up and finally, she achieved orgasm with a loud gasping sound.

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