Wrong Turn

Sachin Desai

August 1, 2021

DomSub, Age Gap


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Characters: Hetal Joshi :- 22 Sachin Patil:- 45

“Hello, me Hetal Joshi boltey” (I am Hetal Joshi speaking) (Hetal called up the Arthur road jail authorities again today in the hope of a miracle, but even before she could continue, the person at the other end replied), “Aho madam tumhaala kiti vela saangayacha ki saaheb busy aahet mhanun?” (Ma’am how many times should I tell you that sir is busy?)

Hetal hung up the call and looked at her dad’s picture that adorned her desk. Her father was once the superintendent of Arthur road jail in Mumbai and in spite of having such close connections she was being pushed from pillar to post to just get an interview with an inmate. An interview that was the highlight of her project. “Dad, I am not going to give up so soon”, she mumbled and began to shiver due to anxiety as she lingered in her past. The scene of her father's murder ran like a motion picture in front of her eyes. She was in college when she got the news that her father was killed in an encounter. With each passing day, she was losing hope, but then she saw a ray of light. Her phone buzzed and she answered it knowing it was from Renu, her college friend. She wiped her tears and even before she could speak up Renu said, "Hey Hetal, my father knows a cop who works in Arthur jail. My dad has already spoken to him. Your appointment with Mr. Atul Sharma, the jail's superintendent has been confirmed for tomorrow. Please be there at 10 o'clock sharp okay?" Hetal felt relieved as she looked at her dad's picture again. Next day, she stood at the main gate and was finally allowed to get in after completing the required formalities.

As soon as she stepped in, she noticed the eyes prying on her. Inspite of being a cop's daughter, she was in shock to see a real jail for the first time and all she could fathom was, reality was far away from things she had seen in movies. She looked down as she walked towards the superintendent’s office. She knocked only to be told to wait as Mr. Sharma (the superintendent) was on an important call. After 10 minutes, a hawaldar ranked cop told her to get in. She instantly rushed in and greeted Mr. Sharma.

(Mr. Sharma picked up a paper kept on his desk, took a look at it and then looked at Hetal)

Mr. Sharma: - Hmm, criminal psychology huh? Do you really want to meet this man? A man who was one of the most dangerous and finest criminal minds in the last two decades of Maharashtra’s crime scene?

Hetal nodded slowly and could only let out a soft, “Yes sir, I do”.

(Just then Mr. Sharma’s phone beeped and while he checked on the notifications, Hetal wondered why a superintendent level officer is calling this man a finest criminal? Yes he has a brilliant mind but why praise him?)

Mr. Sharma: - I wish I could have given you an opportunity to meet this man right away, but I am afraid, I can’t now. He was set free 3 weeks ago. I am sorry, the person who attended your calls wasn’t aware about this because he just joined when this man was set free. He has completed his sentence, but you can still look for him in Dharavi. I’ll ask one of the officers to share his details with you.

(Mr. Sharma called from his desk phone and ordered the man’s file).

Hetal: - Sir if you don’t mind, I have a question. You just said, he’s one of the finest criminal minds. May I know why a cop would praise a criminal after all?

(Mr. Sharma smiled, pulled off his glasses and leaned towards Hetal)

Mr. Sharma: - I have been a cop for 25 years Hetal and I bet my experience is more than your age. Over the years, I have met several criminals. Murderers, conspirators, kidnappers, fraudsters etc. but this man is different. I know why you’re interested in him but tell me what have you heard about him?”

(Hetal gulped and outstretched her hand towards the glass of water)

Hetal: - Sir, I had heard about him from my dad 2 years ago. I mean before he was killed. I always had an interest in criminal psychology and when I told my dad about it, he had mentioned this man. He said the same thing too. I read that he was involved in satta bazaar which was more prominent then.

(Mr. Sharma smiled again as Hetal kept the glass of water after taking couple of sips)

Mr. Sharma: - That’s why bookish knowledge is at times said to be half the knowledge. People write what they perceive about an individual and I bet most of the articles or whatever you’ve read about him, were written by people who have never even spoken to him, but I had the opportunity to talk to him since the time I took charge 2 years ago. The man never came in the forefront of the satta bazaar scene, but cleverly managed it by being away from the lime-light. I am sure, you must have heard or read about, “Ashish Mane”, the man who was called the king of satta bazaar 15 years ago? Well in true sense, he wasn’t the king. He was just a pawn who was made to look like a king. The actual king had very cleverly masked himself. Your man, Mr. Sachin Patil was the real king in the true sense. It wouldn’t be wrong in saying, he was the real king-maker. The man who was out of reach. Had a ghost identity and lived a normal life in Dharavi where he still resides. Imagine a man who actually earned in millions, leading a simple life in the slums of Dharavi. Do you know he had a MCA degree then? He was a man with aspirations too? Destiny had other plans though. When he couldn’t find any opportunity in the city of dreams, he was drawn to the world of crime. You know how he was caught? Woh kehte hain na aksar apne hi dhoka dete hain? His most trusted associate, a woman he loved, went against him. The only other person apart from Ashish Mane, who knew about Sachin’s true identity. From that day onwards, he hated women and I don't have to tell you what happened to the woman. That’s why I asked you, are you sure you want to meet him? (password is jail)

(A man in civil clothes entered the cabin with the copy of the details about Sachin Patil)

“Sir, here’s the information you asked you”. (Mr. Sharma gestured the man to hand over the copy to Hetal and while she took it, she noticed the man was looking at her with a suspicious look on his face)

Hetal folded the paper and slid it in her purse. As she got up and turned, she heard Mr. Sharma say, “Be careful Hetal. He’s wily and manipulative. To be honest, he’s still a puzzle, a closed book of sorts”. Hetal turned around and nodded and then got out of the cabin and took a deep breath. She pulled out the paper that had the details of the man and she saw his most recent photograph, “He surely doesn’t look like a criminal”, she mumbled and continued to walk towards the main gate .

Now coming back to the plot, is Hetal really a student just getting this man's information for a project? Her father was killed about a year ago when Sachin Patil was still in jail so why meet him? Lot of unanswered questions right? I would love to answer them if you're interested in playing this.

If you do decide to ping me, then please mention the password and share a brief introduction about yourself including your limits and kinks. Impress me with your writing skills if you want to receive a reply.

Most importantly, this is going to be based on the dom/sub genre so please ping me if you know what this genre entails.

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