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Hand Off Guard

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’As a girl from the townside, I knew that the first few days in the city would really be challenging. The busy city life, the bustling streets, crowd and the crime rates, I had heard them all from my uncle, who had shifted there about a decade ago. But, when I topped my town in the boards, he was adamant to get me taught in the Delhi University. Truth be told, I also had my aspirations to pursue a career in commerce. So, after a long discussion with my uncle and with some persistence from my side, my parents finally agreed.’

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Grandfather's Blessings


’For the last three mornings I have been noticing him. This man sits on the bench under the gulmohar tree of the park, smokes his cigarette and watches me. He doesn't look very old. Might be in his late 60's. But even with the wrinkles surrounding his eyes and the salt-and-pepper hair, he is really well built. His eyes follow as I run along the pavement, I have felt. He does not notice the others, just me.’

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Flat Number 601

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She kept tossing and turning on her bed but failed to get back asleep. Maybe she hasn't got accustomed to their new apartment yet. She looked to her left. Her workaholic husband was fast asleep, snoring like some giant from fiction. One could say that he's a giant, and if he were any bigger moon would have started orbiting him.