Incest Roleplay Plots

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The Covetous Ring

#nsfw, #blackMagic, #fiction, #momSon

Arunima put the bedsheet sighing and looking around her bedroom. It was not perfect, not like her dream bedroom but not bad though. The damp scent of the room was still there. It was an abandoned and unused apartment for a decade or so. Recently the building was renovated and Arunima was the first occupant.

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The Great Escape

#nsfw, #siblings

We were going to our grandparent’s home. I was driving the KTM 390. My elder sister Vinni was holding our single backpack, sitting right behind. Vinni, aka Vinitha, was twenty-one years old. I was only seventeen.

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Psychological Ramifications

#nsfw, #momSon, #gangBang

My mother and I have a strange relationship. If I said it's incestuous, that'd be an exaggeration. If I said it's platonic, then I'd be lying.

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Desperate Times

#nsfw, #momSon, #incest

My father is a Doctor who had to leave for the hospital. He's been staying out even more since COVID. That gave us a perfect window to spend some quality time with each other.

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The Water Bottle

#incest, #momSon, #publicTransport

He wakes up at night around 1:03 AM. He needed to tinkle. They were on a luxury Bus sharing a couple-seat on the upper deck, sleeper coach. AC was blowing cold air at its full capacity; the temperature was low. Scientifically speaking, one tends to take a piss more often during winter than any other season. He was drowsy, so much so that he was barely able to open his eyes completely. Feeling lazy, he had a crazy idea. It didn't seem too crazy, at that very particular moment to him. He looked at her mother, fast asleep on his side.

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IncestRoleplay Prompt

The Christmas Tree

#nsfw, #momSon, #christmasSpecial

The day before yesterday, Christmas. Ever since I was a kid, I remember celebrating it every single year. We aren't Christians, religiously speaking. As I grew, I became an agnostic. But that's not the point.