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Make Love

#nsfw, #historicalRP

“Make love..” The words coming out from the prisoner's mouth left the audience startled. What..? That'd be such a bizzare last wish from the dying victim. The king shifted a bit in his throne. “I'm sorry..?”

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Roleplay Prompt

A Mysterious Companion

#nsfw, #stranger

It was just another day for Ms. Kavya in the metro. After a long stressful day at work, that including an overtime, she was just lucky enough to catch the last metro back to her apartment.

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Love Thyself


“Love knows no barrier”. “Love happens no matter what.” “Love is blind”. Scrolling through the comments section I was reading these remarks, the post being about a romantic relation between a father and her daughter, the term being 'taboo'.

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FictionCheating Wife

Wretched Deal


Mrs. Vanshika came & sat before her laptop screen in a dejected mood. The news that Only Fans had decided to ban explicit contents had dropped just then, and it hit her mood hard.

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