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The Queen's Predicament

#nsfw, #royal

Rudrani was tapping anxiously on the metal handle of the throne with the manicured nails of her left hand..she was waiting for the high priests of the kingdom as she was now faced with the biggest crisis of her reign..and she could not take a decision without consulting the holy men, whom she was counting upon to show some way out of this conundrum.

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Seven Lives

#fantasy, #timeTravel

It's permanent loss kiddo, irreversible type, you can't bring him back again, so better move forward and don't go for shadows Again and again her father was trying to console her and pursue her to let it go about her stubbornness to get back the love of her life , her late husband, but she was adamant to get him back.

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Political Gamble

#nsfw, #politics

A party meeting was called to select the next on command until the next election dates were announced. Ashutosh tried his level best, but Dashrath's supporters outnumbered him. They wanted Vimladevi, Dashrath's widow to be the next in command. So Vimladevi was to be sworn in for the remaining 6 months. She had no clue about politics and had won her seat because of her husband's name.

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The Unexpected Affair

#nsfw, #hypnosis, #mindReading

A heartbroken Abhi decides to be a loner again, but Divya wants him to be the kind of guy he was prior to falling for Ruchika. This time she invites him home when Arun is around. She hopes Arun will help her in getting Abhi out of this mess, but Arun just has casual talks with him. When Abhi leaves, Arun looses his temper as he is not happy that his wife is still trying to help this guy in spite of him telling her not to get into all this stuff.

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Roleplay PromptFiction

Elite Tuition Teen: Tamil Touch

#Tamil, #Elite, #Teen, #Quickie

Board exams preparations were hectic and with additional tuitions and stuff it was pain staking indeed. Though I study well, my parents sent me for tuitions for main subjects. So this was my daily routine, early morning tuitions, school and tuitions again. The star of this story was my then girlfriend Riya. I met her at one of my tuitions. I don’t know but something about her intrigued me and I started talking to her. We chatted after tuitions for a while and this went on for days. She was cute and looked pretty too. She was cool to hang out with and after a few months we started going for movies n parks together.

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Y Chromosome

#nsfw, #milf, #impregnation

Kunti Kulkarni was a mother of three, a well-educated woman in her late forties. She was born and brought up in a small town. She got married to a small-town family where most people, including her husband and in-laws, still held on to the regressive beliefs. She got married at the age of twenty-six and had her first baby girl the very next year.