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The Beckoning Death

#nsfw, #horror, #superNatural

It was around 7 P.M. The Toyota Innova was rushing pretty fast, carrying Pritam and the driver Mihir straight towards the gigantic hill appearing exactly in the front. They were heading toward the village called Lohitang, a village located underfoot on a big hill, full of natural beauty. It's basically a small tourist place.

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A Wedding Affair

#nsfw, #wedding

’"PING!" The notification was barely audible amidst the chants going on at the holy pyre. Rishabh frowned in mild irritation as he reached for his sherwani pocket. 'Should have put it in the silent' he muttered to himself as he cast an apologising look at the irritated Panditji.’

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FictionDom Sub

An Appointment In Bounds

#nsfw, #mindControl, #bdsm

’The lady who entered the chamber just now ought to be complimented for her punctuality. Yesterday when she had dialed up for appointment she was pretty hesitant about a session. But as soon as the first bell of 9 o' clock rang, the ring on the door revealed Miss Aparna Ghosh at the entrance. Clad in a black chanel bodycon reaching down to her knees and carrying one of those leather briefcases that lawyers carry, she radiated the class of her blue collar job.’

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Hunter Gets Hunted

#nsfw, #hypnosis, #mindReading

Priya and Harsh were a usual couple who got married about a year ago. Soon after marriage, they realized they were different in their thought process. Priya was well rooted to her culture while Harsh was a nonconformist. He worked for a leading newspaper as a columnist and had gained popularity through his hard-hitting articles against the education system, political rivalries, social stigmas etc.

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Rise of Profligacy

#nsfw, #superNatural, #tribe

Dhruv got off the safari van and looked at the river Mrigaya just in front of him. The river was not more than 100 meters in width. There was an extensive forest covering the earth like a black green sheet. He could see it from the higher ground. The sun already sank below the horizon a while ago, drawing the curtain of semi-darkness. It created a horribly beautiful scenario from his point of view. The view was so fascinating and alluring for an adventurous mind.

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FictionAge Gap

Concealed Felicity

#nsfw, #stepMom, #deepThroat

"I am not going to live for long." Nirupama said, with a blank stare. That took Soham a bit by surprise. He took a few seconds to digest what he heard. Nirupama seemed to be serious with regards to what she just said. Soham looked at her....she seemed to be perfectly fact she looked better than how he had seen her before.....and sexier too.....though he tried to tell himself that he should not be thinking of her like that.....but it was difficult to control the thought....and may be it was not her would be difficult for any man not to have lascivious desires for the gorgeous woman sitting in front of him.