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The Scandulous Prints

#nsfw, #politicalDrama

Rahul was beginning to regret the decision of taking up the offer of being at this remote place for the meet. But he was a journalist and the prospect of meeting the lady whose misadventures he had researched for so long was too alluring for him to reject.

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Expect The Unexpected

#nsfw, #roleplayPrompt, #emotional

Anagha, the 25 year old practically thinking girl was escorted to her husband’s room. It was her wedding night and her friends were the only support she had during this wedding phase. Anagha wasn’t ready for this marriage, but she had no one else to blame, but herself. As she sat on the bed, she could hear her friends trying to cheer her up, but her mind wandered. She didn’t even realize when they left while she sat there all alone. Whenever she heard footsteps outside the door, her heart would skip a beat. After a few minutes, the hustle and bustle died down. She could sense there was pin drop silence in the room. She wanted to cry, but controlled her tears. The more she thought about the situation she was in, the more it reminded her of him.

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The Penance

#nsfw, #lockdown

It was a weekend and Covid had just begun to subside. After a long gap of a year and a half, both the college friends were excited to continue with their weekend jog together. After finishing the first round of 30 minutes, both of them sat on a bench, taking deeper breaths.

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The Corporate Mess

#nsfw, #corporateLife, #revenge

This is a plot that I had been wanting to write for a long time now but couldn't think of how to shape this up. Finally, I do have a start. I would love to hear your comments on how I could make this better. I have taken traits from real life scenarios, which I have heard and seen in 20 years of my professional tenure.

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FictionAge Gap

GOAT - Greatest of All Time

#nsfw, #adventure, #village

Hari Ram was a nineteen-year-old boy who was living alone by himself. His father left him and his mother when he left for Mumbai and got himself a daily wage job. After that, the father never returned to their village. Hari Ram's mother passed the very last year.

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The Risky Enticement

#nsfw, #fiction

Laila's family had only been gone for a few hours and she was already tired. She never worked so hard before. She prepared the food for the animals in their farm, she bathed the goats, collected all the eggs from the chicken coop, collected the bundles of hays in put them in the cowshed. Then She was out in the pasture and checking on the cows, when she noticed one of them behaving strangely. Not very much strangely though. Hopping the fence, she walked in. that cow was gazing like other cows but it was tossing its head very often, like there was any fly bothering it.