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Fated to be Evil

#fantasy, #dark, #romance

He grabbed her right side waist and turn her with a single move, wrap his hand around her waist, grab her hairs tight, pull her head back, lean towards her face, started rolling fingers of other hand in her face to adjust her hairs back on her right side shoulder, then bite her lower lip..

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Meet Me Beyond Time

#fantasy, #scifi, #timeTravel

Girl aged 24, gets a new job when she loses her first one. Their father helps her by talking to his friend who owns the biophysics farm.. Though she gives interview and only then gets selected. Her first project after joining is some gene based project that the boss is overseeing himself. Only one other researcher is working on it and the girl starts to work with them.

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Seven Lives

#fantasy, #timeTravel

It's permanent loss kiddo, irreversible type, you can't bring him back again, so better move forward and don't go for shadows Again and again her father was trying to console her and pursue her to let it go about her stubbornness to get back the love of her life , her late husband, but she was adamant to get him back.

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