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Cheating Wife

The Damaged Psyche

#nsfw, #psychologicalThriller, #serialKiller

“So let's start from the beginning, Kabir. Shall we?” The woman in her late thirties asked the young man handcuffed to his chair.

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Cheating Wife

The Remembrance Scuffle

#nsfw, #cheatingWife, #memoryLoss

“Oh, dear lord.. thank you, god you woke up.” Kabir intoned, gleefully staring at Sanjana. Sanjana looks at Kabir with a perplexed countenance; Kabir keeps beaming a passionate smile at her.

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Cheating Wife

Obsessive Cleanliness Disorder

#nsfw, #ocd, #filth

My sleep was disturbed by the noise of someone cleaning the clothes. The noise was of strokes of the brush over foamy fabric; it was coming from the bathroom. I think maybe it’s my wife. But then I recall my wife has left for her mother’s place and won’t be coming back until next week. Perhaps, she is back early. I propose a hypothesis to myself.

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FictionCheating Wife

Wretched Deal


Mrs. Vanshika came & sat before her laptop screen in a dejected mood. The news that Only Fans had decided to ban explicit contents had dropped just then, and it hit her mood hard.

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Cheating Wife

Game of control

#nsfw, #cheatingWife

It has been just a week since Divyani got married to the royal family of Sundarnagar. She was only 20 years old but did not have much say in the decision of her marriage. If she had her say then she would definitely have wanted to pursue her studies, but instead she is now having to remain confined to the inner section of the large but aged palace.

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Cheating Wife

Iniquitous Exploitation

#nsfw, #celeb, #cheatingWife

Nadia was a well-renowned and heavily rewarded TV actress. She had over ten million followers on Instagram, one million on YouTube, and so on. Nadia was at the peak of her carrier and had a busy schedule shooting for TV serials, songs, or modeling for branded companies and media houses. She had more fame and wealth than she could spend in her seven lifetimes.