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IncestAge Gap

Looming Liaison

#nsfw, #celeb, #momSon

‘"Hey, Mom..." Kabir spoke as he entered the living room, where Reena was sitting on the couch - scrolling through her phone. "Hey, baby, good morning... Have you decided on your college yet?" Reena looks up from her phone and beams a smile at her son. Reena Malhotra is a gorgeous woman with long, dark hair in her mid-forties. She is 5'7" and has a slender, toned figure that she has maintained doing Yoga. She was born and raised in Kolkata, India. She loved acting from a young age and often performed in school plays.’

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InterfaithAge Gap

The Delictuous Dalliance

#nsfw, #crime, #drama

Iqbal Qaadri was a man of wealth and influence. He had built his empire in the construction industry, but that was only part of his story. There was a darker side to Iqbal. He was involved in the illegal drug trade. He controlled a large portion of the market in the country and was known for his savagery in the underworld.

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InterfaithAge Gap


#nsfw, #sugarDaddy, #teen

Eighteen years old Charulata Shastry had finished school and had just moved to Kota for the coaching and preparation of her medical entrance examinations. Coming from a Brahmin family, her sense of fashion was conventional. She was very fond of branded and skimpy outfits, but she had never worn one in her life till now. Her father was a priest at a temple; hence they never had enough money either.

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InterfaithAge Gap

Injudicious Tip-off

#nsfw, #manipulation, #dubCon

Babar Wahab was a man in his late forties. He had two wives named Sana and Ayesha. Sana was forty-three years old and had three children, whereas Ayesha was thirty-nine years old and had four children. Babar owned a clothing store in a Mulsim locality and had constructed a few rental properties around the house where he lived with his family. Despite having two wives in the family, people considered them a Happy family. But in reality, Babar was a man with toxic masculinity attributes. He was not violent but didn't treat his wives much politely either.

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Y Chromosome

#nsfw, #milf, #impregnation

Kunti Kulkarni was a mother of three, a well-educated woman in her late forties. She was born and brought up in a small town. She got married to a small-town family where most people, including her husband and in-laws, still held on to the regressive beliefs. She got married at the age of twenty-six and had her first baby girl the very next year.

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InterfaithCheating Wife


#nsfw, #affair, #pregnancy

Sameeksha was a twenty-nine-year-old woman, recently married to a man named Sagar. Sagar was three years older than her and was a government contractor. She lived with her in-laws and husband in the same city where she grew up, but her childhood home was about 40 kilometers from her in-law's place.

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