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Age GapIncest

The Hootch Contingency

#nsfw, #momSon, #ageGap

I came back home from a friend's sister's wedding with a bottle of thumbs up. I don't drink often. But don't refrain on occasions either. It was one such occasion. I quaffed one-quarter of the bottle but still had another quarter to go. I mixed it with a cold drink and brought it home to consume it later that night when I got the chance.

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Deewali Serendipity

#nsfw, #rpPropmt

Minakshi was dressed in a red saree and was looking spectacularly beautiful on Diwali night. She did most of the decoration on her own for the house with the help of her maid indeed. The maid was on leave as she had to celebrate Diwali with her own family as well.

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The Crapulence Mishap

#nsfw, #momSon

Bhawna is a forty-seven-year-old woman. She runs a boutique and is a fashion designer. Her husband Pankaj is in the merchant navy; hence mostly spends his time on or around the sea. Pankaj and Bhawna met in Goa a long time ago when they were both out on a trip with their friends. They hit it off instantly and fell in love with each other. Bhawna was merely nineteen and in her second year of college. She was as fertile at that age as a female could get.

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Age GapInterfaith

Lockdown Annals

#nsfw, #interfaith

On March 24, 2020, Prime Minister called for a complete lockdown of the entire nation for 21 days to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. In a televised address to the country, he said that even those nations with the best medical facilities could not curb the virus and that social distancing is the only option to mitigate it. The decision got proposed from the experiences of health sector experts and experiences of other countries and that 21 days is essential to break the chain of infection.

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Cheating Wife

The Damaged Psyche

#nsfw, #psychologicalThriller, #serialKiller

“So let's start from the beginning, Kabir. Shall we?” The woman in her late thirties asked the young man handcuffed to his chair.

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IncestAge Gap

Aberrant Disclosure

#nsfw, #momSon, #incest

Mohini enters the bathroom for a shower, but that's when she remembers that she has to wash her hair. The old shampoo bottle was exhausted, so she had to go back to get the new bottle. She steps out of the bathroom and looks for the shampoo bottle around her bedside table. She found it in almost no time and, picks it up. She turned around to get back inside the bathroom. Before she could take another step, a muffled moan reverberates her eardrums.

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Cheating Wife

The Remembrance Scuffle

#nsfw, #cheatingWife, #memoryLoss

“Oh, dear lord.. thank you, god you woke up.” Kabir intoned, gleefully staring at Sanjana. Sanjana looks at Kabir with a perplexed countenance; Kabir keeps beaming a passionate smile at her.

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Cheating Wife

Obsessive Cleanliness Disorder

#nsfw, #ocd, #filth

My sleep was disturbed by the noise of someone cleaning the clothes. The noise was of strokes of the brush over foamy fabric; it was coming from the bathroom. I think maybe it’s my wife. But then I recall my wife has left for her mother’s place and won’t be coming back until next week. Perhaps, she is back early. I propose a hypothesis to myself.

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Candidness Repurcussions

#nsfw, #siblings

She’d brought Paneer from the market and made the Matar-Paneer dish for me as it was my all-time favorite. I can evoke the time when we were young, living under the same roof. She would always cook the same dish rather than our mother. It’s been well over a year since I’d tasted the Matar-Paneer from her hand.

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IncestAge Gap

Subservient Mother

#nsfw, #momSon

Sunita was fooling around her son’s phone in an attempt to see if he was up to no good. She’d recently read on the internet everyone seems to be fap-chatting in some way or the other. She wanted to prevent him from landing in any trouble at his adolescent age. Scrolling around, she didn’t find anything. She was about to keep the phone away until she observed a thumbnail that had an odd-looking thumb on it. But it wasn’t a thumb indeed. It was something that made her mouth water and petals moist. The primal nature of the odd-looking thumb and how much she wanted to hold it, caress it, and get hammered by it stimulates her womanhood. And then it hits her. It’s her son’s pego. She recognized the bathroom tiles in the background of that image. She hurriedly puts the phone away, disgusted by herself.

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Cheating Wife

Iniquitous Exploitation

#nsfw, #celeb, #cheatingWife

Nadia was a well-renowned and heavily rewarded TV actress. She had over ten million followers on Instagram, one million on YouTube, and so on. Nadia was at the peak of her carrier and had a busy schedule shooting for TV serials, songs, or modeling for branded companies and media houses. She had more fame and wealth than she could spend in her seven lifetimes.

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Age GapInterfaith

Well Endowed Woman

#nsfw, #milf, #burqa

Rabiya was a woman in her early forties. In this modern era, she considered herself a woman who couldn’t show her skin or face to anyone but her family. She would always wear a Burqa, Hijab, and Niqab to cover herself abundantly. She had a teenage daughter named Sana. Sana was the only child of her parents. Sana was just opposite to Rabiya and was rebellious. Sana would wear whatever she would want to, and her father would always support her, unlike her mother.

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The Woman Of Ill Repute

#nsfw, #interfaith, #cheatingWife

Sneha is 32 years old woman. In her final year of college, she fell in love with one of her seniors. Their family didn’t agree to the marriage. They didn’t have any choice but to flee. They got married and shift to another city with the help of a friend. Life was going pretty well for the last decade. The couple was planning on having a baby cause her husband had just got a promotion. But one day, on his way to work, he met an accident and expired on the spot.

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The Great Escape

#nsfw, #siblings

We were going to our grandparent’s home. I was driving the KTM 390. My elder sister Vinni was holding our single backpack, sitting right behind. Vinni, aka Vinitha, was twenty-one years old. I was only seventeen.

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