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Generation Gap Chapter III's feature image

Generation Gap Chapter III


When unexpected things happen, one's heart flutters. The butterflies in their stomach fly up to their mouth to kiss. The stars glitter in their eyes, and can see the whole cosmos with their eyes closed.

The Woman Of Ill Repute's feature image

The Woman Of Ill Repute

#nsfw, #interfaith, #cheatingWife

Sneha is 32 years old woman. In her final year of college, she fell in love with one of her seniors. Their family didn’t agree to the marriage. They didn’t have any choice but to flee. They got married and shift to another city with the help of a friend. Life was going pretty well for the last decade. The couple was planning on having a baby cause her husband had just got a promotion. But one day, on his way to work, he met an accident and expired on the spot.

Generation Gap Chapter II's feature image

Generation Gap Chapter II


It was not a very comfortable night for a girl of just 23 years old though she was a very dominating new age girl. There were lots of questions, thoughts, and negative feelings popping up in Swagatha’s heart and mind. She felt she made a mistake by pursuing him to meet in real life. Their virtual relationship was going on quite steady and enjoyable which she thinks will definitely come to an end now. She felt like crying but she could not. She felt like screaming at the top of her voice but she could not do that as well. She remembered how he held her hands in his, so lovingly. How he made her feel so comfortable in that awkward situation. Someone else in his place would have surely failed to behave normally but he was so matured to handle the situation. ‘How the fuck that woman behaves so rudely with such a gem of a man?’ She mumbled to herself cursing Monalisha, her lecturer. She even felt ashamed of herself to be part of that group which mocked him earlier. She decided she will apologise for her past behaviours by sending a SMS or whatsapp message to him. She typed a message and pressed on the send button. She kept the phone down and tried to sleep again.

Generation Gap Chapter I's feature image

Generation Gap Chapter I


Mr. Ronit Sharma a 45 years old man who had a wife, Monalisha who's a 42 years old woman. Both of them were lecturers in a college. Monalisha was an extremely dominating character. She has always tried to dominate her subdued husband who was of very soft nature. Even sometimes the students and their colleagues make fun of him behind their backs. Monalisha never loses an opportunity to shun her husband whether at home or in public. Mr. Ronit feels very bad sometimes when he sees even the students like Sunanda, Riya, Swagatha, Gopal etc. giggle looking at his position in the family or in the public.

A Night With A Stranger Doctor's feature image

A Night With A Stranger Doctor


’“So you can see my car here has broken down and there is no way I can fix it. And I do not want to wait on the road for the rest of the night. Can I get a lift in your car?” I pleaded to the age-old Fiat that had just come to a halt beside me.’

The Great Escape's feature image

The Great Escape

#nsfw, #siblings

We were going to our grandparent’s home. I was driving the KTM 390. My elder sister Vinni was holding our single backpack, sitting right behind. Vinni, aka Vinitha, was twenty-one years old. I was only seventeen.


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