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Wrong Turn's feature image
DomSubAge Gap

Wrong Turn

#nsfw, #domSub, #ageGap

“Hello, me Hetal Joshi boltey” (I am Hetal Joshi speaking) (Hetal called up the Arthur road jail authorities again today in the hope of a miracle, but even before she could continue, the person at the other end replied), “Aho madam tumhaala kiti vela saangayacha ki saaheb busy aahet mhanun?” (Ma’am how many times should I tell you that sir is busy?)

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Psychological Ramifications

#nsfw, #momSon, #gangBang

My mother and I have a strange relationship. If I said it's incestuous, that'd be an exaggeration. If I said it's platonic, then I'd be lying.

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Age Gap

Daddy's Princess

#nsfw, #stepDad

Sachin, aged 45 has returned home after 8 years. He’s obviously excited to be back home and spend time with his family. Like every father, he’s keen on seeing his daughter (Richa) who has turned 18 couple of months ago. He gets home and is devastated to say the least. His daughter seems to be completely aloof from him and doesn’t show any excitement on her face. He talks to his wife (Priya) and she tells him that he needs to give her some time. Sachin is a bit restrictive in his thoughts while Priya is a bit liberal.

A Comedy of Miscommunications's feature image

A Comedy of Miscommunications


’Rehan had shifted recently into the society as the new tenant. He had considerable trouble getting a room around, people notwithstanding a stranger from a different background. Naturally, this was the only few options he could manage. Even then, he rarely came out of his room. Sometimes, guitar music came out of his room so melodious that the ladies used to stop their chores and muse for a moment, lost in the tune. Sometimes they used to hum the tune while continuing their household chores.’

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The Switch


Shalini has been married for couple of years. Her husband Akash has been handling the family business since the time her dad decided to hang his boots. Akash was a trusted employee in Shalini's late father's company. Shalini's father considered him as a gem of a person and soon got him married to his daughter. Not only that, in his final will, he handed over the reigns of the company to his son in law (Akash). But the condition was, he would only be limited to be a caretaker, which meant Akash had to take Shalini's signatures for getting new business deals etc.

Couples Therapy With Dr Veena's feature image

Couples Therapy With Dr Veena


’"Are you sure we really want to go in?" Mrs. Indubala Devi took a last hesitant glance at her husband Mr. Sarath. They were standing before the clinic where the board read, "Dr. Veena Singh (M.D.) sex therapist".’


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