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Elite Tuition Teen: Tamil Touch's feature image
Roleplay PromptFiction

Elite Tuition Teen: Tamil Touch

#Tamil, #Elite, #Teen, #Quickie

Board exams preparations were hectic and with additional tuitions and stuff it was pain staking indeed. Though I study well, my parents sent me for tuitions for main subjects. So this was my daily routine, early morning tuitions, school and tuitions again. The star of this story was my then girlfriend Riya. I met her at one of my tuitions. I don’t know but something about her intrigued me and I started talking to her. We chatted after tuitions for a while and this went on for days. She was cute and looked pretty too. She was cool to hang out with and after a few months we started going for movies n parks together.

Y Chromosome's feature image

Y Chromosome

#nsfw, #milf, #impregnation

Kunti Kulkarni was a mother of three, a well-educated woman in her late forties. She was born and brought up in a small town. She got married to a small-town family where most people, including her husband and in-laws, still held on to the regressive beliefs. She got married at the age of twenty-six and had her first baby girl the very next year.

Prerogative's feature image
InterfaithCheating Wife


#nsfw, #affair, #pregnancy

Sameeksha was a twenty-nine-year-old woman, recently married to a man named Sagar. Sagar was three years older than her and was a government contractor. She lived with her in-laws and husband in the same city where she grew up, but her childhood home was about 40 kilometers from her in-law's place.

The Beckoning Death's feature image

The Beckoning Death

#nsfw, #horror, #superNatural

It was around 7 P.M. The Toyota Innova was rushing pretty fast, carrying Pritam and the driver Mihir straight towards the gigantic hill appearing exactly in the front. They were heading toward the village called Lohitang, a village located underfoot on a big hill, full of natural beauty. It's basically a small tourist place.

Bound In Desires's feature image

Bound In Desires

#nsfw, #bdsm, #mindGames

’When I regained consciousness, I found myself deep into darkness. Deep-cave dark. Associated with a soft rumbling noise. The air was damp, dry. But clean. 'Where am I?' I wondered. I was lying on my side, curled up; knees pressed against my busts. Faintly, I tried moving my fingers and toes, relieved to find I could move them freely with no pain. With the exception of light drowsiness, everything seemed more or less normal. Almost normal.’

A Wedding Affair's feature image

A Wedding Affair

#nsfw, #wedding

’"PING!" The notification was barely audible amidst the chants going on at the holy pyre. Rishabh frowned in mild irritation as he reached for his sherwani pocket. 'Should have put it in the silent' he muttered to himself as he cast an apologising look at the irritated Panditji.’

Predestination's feature image
InterfaithAge Gap


#nsfw, #celebrity, #gigolo

’Kabir was a 28-year-old man. From a very young age, he wanted to be a porn star or a model. His friends used to make fun of him when he was young for the same because neither he looked attractive nor he had the muscles or physique. But after completing his twelfth standard, his growth spurt kicked in. Within a year, he grew taller from 5'7" to 6'2", but he wasn't attractive yet. Despite having a massive schlong to compete against most white male porn stars, he gave up the idea since it was unlikely for an Indian man to get there.’

The Pendant's feature image
InterfaithAge Gap

The Pendant

#nsfw, #celebrity, #fiction

’Telgi, reportedly aged in his late forties, is a conman and a native of Bengaluru. According to police officials, he wanted to lead a luxurious life and started duping people at 17. Starting the forgery from his home turf, he moved to Chennai and, in no time, began scamming people in other metro cities. Currently lodged in Delhi's Tihar Jail in alleged criminal cases, Abdul Kareem Telgi has 15 FIRs registered against him.’

The Wrong Turn's feature image

The Wrong Turn

#nsfw, #dark, #momSon

Garima Roy Chowdhury was an independent woman who was a doctor by profession. She was 42 years old, divorced and still gorgeous enough for every man to cast a second glance at her. She had been divorced from her husband for the last 5 years. She had however taken custody of her son Rohan who was now 18 years old, and used to live with her in their double storeyed building on the outskirts of the city. Garima had deliberately chosen that location for her house as she never liked the crowd of the busy city.

An Appointment In Bounds's feature image
FictionDom Sub

An Appointment In Bounds

#nsfw, #mindControl, #bdsm

’The lady who entered the chamber just now ought to be complimented for her punctuality. Yesterday when she had dialed up for appointment she was pretty hesitant about a session. But as soon as the first bell of 9 o' clock rang, the ring on the door revealed Miss Aparna Ghosh at the entrance. Clad in a black chanel bodycon reaching down to her knees and carrying one of those leather briefcases that lawyers carry, she radiated the class of her blue collar job.’

Battle Sacrifice's feature image

Battle Sacrifice

#nsfw, #medieval

’"Maharaj, with the deepest regret, I have to inform you that our Senapati (Commander-in-Chief) Shakya has fallen". The messenger read out the subject of his message.’

Degenerate's feature image
IncestAge Gap


#nsfw, #family, #momSon

Aparna came from a conservative household and was an extremely religious woman. She was one of those who preferred to save their maidenhood for the wedding night. She piously followed the tradition of Solah Somvar Vrat, one of the most fruitful fasts, as per Hindu mythology. If one observes this fast for 16 Mondays, the lord Shiva grants one a desired life partner.

The Advent's feature image

The Advent

#nsfw, #cheatingWife, #marriedWife

Prashasti was a thirty-two-year-old woman; who got married at the age of thirty. She has been preparing for multiple government entrance exams since she had to quit her job as a tuition teacher. She had no students to teach as she now lives with her husband in another city. Her in-laws used to stay in the village, but that wasn't a relief for Prashasti. Her mother-in-law would call and talk with her every day, asking the same question, when was she going to stop preparing for the exams?

Hunter Gets Hunted's feature image

Hunter Gets Hunted

#nsfw, #hypnosis, #mindReading

Priya and Harsh were a usual couple who got married about a year ago. Soon after marriage, they realized they were different in their thought process. Priya was well rooted to her culture while Harsh was a nonconformist. He worked for a leading newspaper as a columnist and had gained popularity through his hard-hitting articles against the education system, political rivalries, social stigmas etc.

The Veiny Instrument's feature image
Age GapInterfaith

The Veiny Instrument

#nsfw, #ageGap, #milf

Anuradha was on a video call with her mother on google meet. She was a fledgling to technology and knew very little about the features all the twenty-first-century devices had to offer. The chat with her mother was over fairly quickly.


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