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Rise of Profligacy's feature image

Rise of Profligacy

#nsfw, #superNatural, #tribe

Dhruv got off the safari van and looked at the river Mrigaya just in front of him. The river was not more than 100 meters in width. There was an extensive forest covering the earth like a black green sheet. He could see it from the higher ground. The sun already sank below the horizon a while ago, drawing the curtain of semi-darkness. It created a horribly beautiful scenario from his point of view. The view was so fascinating and alluring for an adventurous mind.

Wicked Passion's feature image

Wicked Passion

#nsfw, #NonCon, #siblings

It had not been easy for Mandira Pathak to get back to normal life after that fateful night. She has always been a woman of strong character and it reflected in the way she had lived her life. She is 37 years old now and has lived independently without getting engaged to any man till date. She always maintained that she would be better off living life her way, instead of getting into any kind of obligations with any man.

Unfaithful's feature image


#nsfw, #adultery, #longTerm

Mohan and Moni Thapar were a middle-aged couple. They both lead hectic day-to-day upper-middle-class lives away from each other, which took away from their ability to spend time together. They decided to move from the town following their son's arrival into their lives. They were genuinely in love even after 11 years of marriage. Mohan was a Bank manager and got recently promoted to this post. Moni was concerned with the domestic end of their relationship, and she got complacent to the point of boredom. Moni often occasionally commutes into town when her son is at school.

The Royal Plot's feature image

The Royal Plot

#nsfw, #medieval, #royal

Maharaj Suryabhan was sitting in his royal courtroom, with his head perched backwards on the rich velvet of the royal throne. There were drops of sweat on his forehead....the person in charge of the hand fan had been asked to leave as the king wanted some privacy....the matter concerning him was an important it related to the continuation of his bloodline....something which required to be discussed secretly.

The Foreboding Chapter 2's feature image

The Foreboding Chapter 2

#nsfw, #momSon, #celebrityMom, #celeb

Kabir was never interested in Vaishali's show. The clip from the TV show when Vaishali said she loved the guy in the picture was now circulating on social media. Kabir's friend Manish shared it with him.

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Age GapInterfaith

Surrogate Revamped

#nsfw, #publicPlace

Suhani was twenty-one when she met Umar for the first time during the second year of her college. Her home was at the city's periphery. She would travel mostly with her father, or else she'd resort to Umar's auto. Over a couple of years, Umar grows on her.

Concealed Felicity's feature image
FictionAge Gap

Concealed Felicity

#nsfw, #stepMom, #deepThroat

"I am not going to live for long." Nirupama said, with a blank stare. That took Soham a bit by surprise. He took a few seconds to digest what he heard. Nirupama seemed to be serious with regards to what she just said. Soham looked at her....she seemed to be perfectly fact she looked better than how he had seen her before.....and sexier too.....though he tried to tell himself that he should not be thinking of her like that.....but it was difficult to control the thought....and may be it was not her would be difficult for any man not to have lascivious desires for the gorgeous woman sitting in front of him.

The Scandulous Prints's feature image

The Scandulous Prints

#nsfw, #politicalDrama

Rahul was beginning to regret the decision of taking up the offer of being at this remote place for the meet. But he was a journalist and the prospect of meeting the lady whose misadventures he had researched for so long was too alluring for him to reject.

The Substitute Passage's feature image
Age Gap

The Substitute Passage

#nsfw, #village, #Impregnation

Once upon a time, in a village, there lived a man. The man was known as Thakur Sahab among the villagers. Thakur was filthy rich and an infamous lothario from a very young age. When he was merely twenty years old, one woman from the village lodged an FIR against him for the charges of non-consensual intimacy. Thakur's father was still the filthy rich back then. The father made sure that Thakur won't have to go to jail. Instead, the family of that woman had to leave the village. That's how Thakurs would deal with their problems."

Surrogate's feature image
Age GapInterfaith


#nsfw, #ageGap, #collegeGirl

Tridha Chattopadhyay was a brilliant student. She was pursuing her MBBS and lived in a girls' hostel. Her family lived in the same town, but she chose to stay at the hostel because it would give her more time to study. She has been studious ever since her school days.

Expect The Unexpected's feature image

Expect The Unexpected

#nsfw, #roleplayPrompt, #emotional

Anagha, the 25 year old practically thinking girl was escorted to her husband’s room. It was her wedding night and her friends were the only support she had during this wedding phase. Anagha wasn’t ready for this marriage, but she had no one else to blame, but herself. As she sat on the bed, she could hear her friends trying to cheer her up, but her mind wandered. She didn’t even realize when they left while she sat there all alone. Whenever she heard footsteps outside the door, her heart would skip a beat. After a few minutes, the hustle and bustle died down. She could sense there was pin drop silence in the room. She wanted to cry, but controlled her tears. The more she thought about the situation she was in, the more it reminded her of him.

The Foreboding's feature image
IncestAge Gap

The Foreboding

#nsfw, #momSon, #ageGap

Vaishali was a host of a reality TV show. She had been part of a few movies, web series, and TV shows. Her career had been stagnant for quite some years now. Vaishali got into the industry when she was twenty-nine years old, and now she is in her late forties.

The Penance's feature image

The Penance

#nsfw, #lockdown

It was a weekend and Covid had just begun to subside. After a long gap of a year and a half, both the college friends were excited to continue with their weekend jog together. After finishing the first round of 30 minutes, both of them sat on a bench, taking deeper breaths.

The Corporate Mess's feature image

The Corporate Mess

#nsfw, #corporateLife, #revenge

This is a plot that I had been wanting to write for a long time now but couldn't think of how to shape this up. Finally, I do have a start. I would love to hear your comments on how I could make this better. I have taken traits from real life scenarios, which I have heard and seen in 20 years of my professional tenure.

Pie In The Sky's feature image

Pie In The Sky

#nsfw, #cheatingWife, #interfaith

For the past couple of months, I declined her multiple dinner invitations. She even suggested the idea of going out for dinner in case I didn't enjoy her food anymore. Actually, I wanted to go out with her or have a homemade dinner at her place too. But ever since lockdown, things have had changed.


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